st mary's children's home helping abused children

Social work intervention is an important part of improving children's life skills




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St Mary's Children's Home is governed by the Trustees of the Diocese of Christ the King. Our executive committee comprises:

The Lord Bishop Peter Lee

Advocate Mancha Manaka

Vice-Chairperson: Finance Sub-Committee:
Jim Welsh

Sonja Harmse

Honorary Treasurer:
Phil Geyer

Mesdames:  Lynne van der Merwe; Roxanne Broughton; Glenda Cloete;
Debbie Harvey; Seipei Mashugane; Rose Lephondo
Messrs: James Molepo; Thomas Parker; George Takwesi; Tom Lambe;
Martin Buckley

Ex-official Members:
Vacant (Chaplain)
Sonja Harmse (Director)

Honorary Dentists:
Dental Clinic of the University of the Witwatersrand
Dental Clinic, South Rand Hospital
Dr Cosma Giannakopoulos, Docs @ Work

Honorary Attorneys:
Peter Lambon

Honorary Auditors:
Alice Business Consulting